How to Kiss? Tips for Beginners!

How to kiss? This question often echoes in the minds of not only adolescents, but also adults who are not already doing it, or are simply not sure if they are doing it right. is not only pleasant – it also has a good effect on our health and well-being, and even … reduces weight! This is no joke – according to scientists, in a minute of kissing, we can burn as much as 20 calories. Additionally,  triggers endorphins, YourChristianDate otherwise known as the happiness hormones dopamine and oxytocin, which also increase the feeling of closeness and attachment between partners.

Kisses are very important in a relationship. With them, we can convey more than with words, they deepen our sense of attachment, or allow us to build tension. can also help you captivate the other person and be a determining factor in your relationship. The first kiss can also tell a lot about whether there is any spark between you and whether there is “chemistry”. A flirtatious smile, a long look in the eyes and tender kisses are also one of the best ways to show your affection physically.

How to Kiss and What is Better to Avoid?

Before the first kiss, apart from the butterflies in the stomach, we are also very often stressed. Just as important as the itself is the moment right before the kiss – when, slightly nervous, with a rapidly beating heart, we look into the other person’s eyes, getting closer and closer to them. This moment can be very emotional, especially if a strong feeling is born between the partners.

Itself is not a difficult art, and with a little practice (and self-confidence) you will surely achieve perfection. It is important to get rid of shyness and try not to stress too much. It’s a fun and relaxing activity, and that’s how we should treat it. Don’t know how to kiss? Or maybe you want to “repair your workshop” a bit to do your best? Read our guide!

Express Your Desire For a Kiss

The first and most important point that you must always remember is to make sure that the person you want to kiss is willing to do so. Of course, this does not mean that you have to ask directly “can I kiss you?” Every time, body language and what is happening between you are very important. For example on a date, usually comes out naturally and it’s rather hard not to notice the signs that your chosen one wants it.

Avoid Garlic

Seriously – if you want to be nice and enjoyable – both for you and the other person – you’d better avoid eating onions, garlic (e.g. garlic sauce), and other similar foods beforehand, after which – to put it mildly – the smell from your mouth becomes get nasty. Take care of fresh breath, so that both of you are comfortable.

How to Kiss? Tips for Beginners!

Close Your Eyes

Of course, this is not a rule, but it’s best to kiss with your eyelids closed. This increases the sensation of itself, allows you to better focus and enjoy the moment, and avoid embarrassment and distraction YourChristianDate both for yourself and the other person. But don’t do it too soon – just close your eyes when your faces are close together and your lips are touching.

Tilt Your Head

When kissing, it is important to tilt your head slightly to the same side as your partner. Thanks to this, you will avoid an embarrassing collision with your noses, and the kiss itself will be comfortable.

Adapt the Kisses to The Situation

This activity looks completely different when, for example, you goodbye, or when the to be an introduction to greater physical closeness. It also all depends on your mood and circumstances – it’s worth taking this into account when adjusting your kisses.

Start Gently

How to kiss? If this is your first kiss, it is worth starting with gentle kisses, slowly and calmly covering the lips of your partner. Later on, you can move on to deeper with a tongue – if you both feel like it, of course. Remember not to be intrusive and not start this way right away – first: the other person may not want it at all, and second: this type of kissing is best preceded by a gentle kiss, which will be a good introduction.

Do Not Rush

Kissing should not be rushed, including with tongue movements. Act instinctively, but try to adapt the kissing rhythm to the other person. Faster, deeper and more intense are most often taken as an introduction to greater physical intimacy.

Remember About Your Hands

Often, even if we know how to kiss, an awkward problem arises: what to do with your hands at this time? Of course, no one wants to stand like a pillar of salt with their hands dangling along their torso. So what to do with them? You can put your hands on your partner’s hips or on your partner’s shoulders. It is also a good idea to rest them on the head, neck or cheek of the person being kissed and gently brush or stroke the skin with your fingers. However, remember not to do it “mechanically”.

Breathe Through Your Nose

It seems obvious, but it is very important. when, for example, you have a runny nose and cannot breathe through your nose can be very troublesome and embarrassing.

Don’t Get Monotone

Kissing, as well as other elements of a relationship, should not be monotonous and “learned”. Do not be afraid to try different kissing techniques, change the pace and discover the preferences of not only your own, but most of all your partner’s. There is no single, best method for. Everyone is different and likes something different – also when it comes to kissing. Keep a close eye on your other half and her reactions, and the stimuli and signs she sends, which will make it easier for you to match the kind of kisses she wants at the moment.

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How to kiss? First of all, with willingness, commitment and, above all, with affection! This is a very important experience that can be one of the most beautiful forms of closeness between two people. For many women and men, this is a very important part of a relationship. The first kiss in life is most often remembered by most of us and it cannot be hidden – it stays in the memory forever. A new person for the first time is just as exciting and can make a big difference in how your relationship fares.

Kissing takes many forms – from quick for “good morning”, gentle and subtle kisses on the first date. To long, deep and passionate kisses. That indicate great feeling or desire, often the beginning of intimate relationships. Kissing improves mood, increases attachment and a sense of closeness, and helps us show affection. It is worth remembering about it every day and – even spontaneously. Giving kisses to your loved one. So kisses only have benefits, so kiss for your health!

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