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Matchmaking Bureau provides a more personal and varied approach than online dating, various online dating apps, and events for singles.

Most dating agencies will invite you to their office to chat and find out more about your personality or yourself and your preferences. Based on your profile, they will find a match that matches you. They’re all going to work, and all you need to do is go on a date and find out about your date.

Singles are attracted to using a dating agency because of the convenience and privacy, as there is no need for the whole world to know that they are looking for a potential partner.

If you’re still thinking about joining a matchmaking agency, below are the Pros and Cons of dating agencies so you can decide if this is the solution you’re looking for!


Gender Balance Ratio – Matchmaking Bureau

Men tend to use online dating sites, while most women prefer matchmaking agencies. Why do women prefer dating agencies? Because, at least, they knew the men had been analyzed by the bureau in question.

With online dating, you won’t know if she’s actually 30 or 13. Or in an event, you won’t know who will be showing up for the event. So, men, you can meet lots of women for sure through matchmaking agencies, review  and for women, they don’t need to worry because the consultant has selected their potential partners.

Should I Join the Matchmaking Bureau?

Matchmaking Is Done Based On Your Profile And Your Choice Of Dating Partners

A good agency will match you with someone who meets 70 to 80 percent of your dating criteria. And conversely, you should also know that you have to meet 70 to 80 percent of what criteria your date is looking for.

‘One on one’ dating gives you the time and opportunity to get to know your date better

You don’t have to worry about ‘competition’ either. You can relax and focus on your date.


You have to trust your dating agency will make the right choice – Matchmaking Bureau

Sometimes we think we have found a matchmade in heaven . And, our intuition is confirmed by one party. The guy thought it was a good date. But our hopes were dashed after talking to the women’s side. YourLatinMates So even though every match has been carefully screened and adapted, the agency cannot impose or predict chemistry.

However, actually, the chemistry was built gradually; Many successful matchmakers who achieve marriage don’t feel that chemistry on the first date.

The investment for dating agencies is higher than other dating services

Investing in online dating sites is usually free, or fairly inexpensive.  So it’s important that you do your ‘homework’ before you join a dating agency.

Should I Join the Matchmaking Bureau?

Matchmaking Agencies May Be Less Effective For Some Profiles – Matchmaking Bureau

I have a client who is a very beautiful and attractive woman. Whenever she attended bachelorette parties, men would swarm her like bees with their honey. However, we had trouble setting up a ‘one on one’ date for him.

The reason? She is divorced and mother of one. When someone joins a dating agency, they usually have ‘requirements’, and since they paid to join a service, they usually hope to find someone who meets their ‘ideal’ criteria. Most men also choose to date someone. Who has never been married. They also choose women. Who have not had children from previous marriages.

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Even though we tell men that she is attractive and very beautiful, men tend to say “why don’t you introduce me to a persona and appearance that is just like her, but not someone who is divorced with one child?”

So in this case, I advised him to attend more events, as his chances of finding the right one could be higher. Men who approach her don’t know her background, and once they do, they may accept her as a whole person, and for who she is.

Now you already know the  pros and cons  of a dating agency. What are you thinking about? does it suit you?

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