Each dating story is unique and often the reasons that led to the end of communication can only. Be explained in the context of a particular situation. It is not Dating Foreigners so easy to give an exact answer to the question. Why a man stopped responding to letters or lost interest. Maybe a spark of interest did not slip between a man and a woman and communication. Came to its logical conclusion – common interesting topics for conversation ended. But there was no interest in meeting. It could also happen that, due to a combination of circumstances. Sympathy arose for another person.

Despite this, there are 8 main mistakes made at the beginning of communication with foreign men. And one objective reason, because of which both men and women quickly lose interest in international. Acquaintances and relationships with a foreigner. Often, mistakes in communicating with a foreigner are those little things. That, after the first messages, spoil the impression.

So, the reasons why a foreign gentleman may lose interest: Dating Foreigners

  1. The presence of a language barrier in communication is one of the main reasons. Why both men and women lose interest in international Dating Foreigners. It is no secret that, without the possibility of full communication and understanding of. The interlocutor, close acquaintance is quite problematic.

When acquaintance occurs at a distance, with the help of an international dating site. Communication is an important attribute of acquaintance. We have repeatedly noted the importance of a common language of communication. It does not matter whether this language of communication will be. The native language of a man or a woman, or only an intermediary language, for example, English.

Barrier in Communication

At the first stages of acquaintance, in addition to communication, two people from different countries only have the opportunity to see each other on Skype. However, just seeing each other via webcam will not be enough to make a decision about the first face-to-face meeting. In order to meet a worthy foreign man, you must try to overcome the language barrier .

We talk about when to start learning a foreign language in the article “When to start learning a foreign language: before or after meeting a Dating foreigner?” . Triptogether

  1. The lady shows coldness and aloofness in Dating Foreigners communication. This is manifested in the fact that the answers to the letters of the man are short and unambiguous, and do not contain a question or a hint of interest in the life of a man. Such is the peculiarity of the mentality and education of Slavic women. Many women expect a man to take the initiative and specifically, due to the influence of stereotypes or shyness on their consciousness, they try not to show their interest in him. Europeans interpret this behaviour as disinterest in acquaintance and stop making attempts to win a silent stranger.

The Misunderstanding

We discussed the misunderstanding caused by the difference in mentalities in the article “Dating foreigners: where does the misunderstanding come from and why do gentlemen disappear?” .

  1. DATING FOREIGNERS: REASONS WHY MEN LOSE INTEREST DURING COMMUNICATIONThe lady in the correspondence focuses on the material well-being of the man: she is interested in the level of his income and the availability of property. Like any normal person, a foreign man wants to be sincerely loved. His material wealth will become a topic for discussion when a decision is made to start a family. The presence of an increased interest in material well-being in the first letters repels foreign gentlemen.

Dating on The Internet

  1. Replies to foreigner’s letters come with a big delay. We talked about the consequences of the following manner of meeting foreigners: “I will answer him tomorrow, let him languish in anticipation of my letter” – we talked about in the article “A serious dating site with foreigners: am I serious about finding a husband?” .
  2. A woman presents herself as a victim of bad dating experience, failed relationships, unscrupulous men or stereotypes. A Dating Foreigners foreign gentleman should not get the impression that a woman, firstly, is not ready for a new relationship, as she willingly and in detail talks about how difficult and painful her previous relationship was. Secondly, he dislikes all males, since any man who meets online is a potential deceiver. And, thirdly, certainly not every man, while communicating with a woman he likes, wants to feel like a suspect during interrogation. Let’s dwell on each point in more detail.

Every adult understands that the relationship between two people is a complex interweaving of feelings, actions, causes, effects and circumstances. Responsibility in a relationship is divided equally between a man and a woman. Everyone “brings” their share of love, care, participation and responsibility. An adult man, no matter what country he is from, understands this very well. Not always the responsibility for the gap lies with only one person. The reasons that led to the rupture of relations are much more complex and deeper than, for example, the very fact of infidelity. A breakup is a consequence of the fact that a couple was unhappy together, a consequence of conflicts, problems and dissatisfaction in a relationship. Delving into the description of the past, into the description of the misdeeds of the former lover, the woman gives the impression of not being ready for

A New Serious Relationship.

In order to be ready for a new relationship, you need to make peace with your past. In his book You Know Nothing About Men, Steve Harvey writes, “There’s no place in your heart for a new man until you clear out the old stuff . “

Let’s say a few words about the dangers of stereotypes that have developed about online dating and, in particular, about men using dating sites. Not all men are the same and there are exceptions to every rule. You should not treat every new man with suspicion and blindly be guide by common stereotypes about dating on the Internet. A foreigner who wants to get to know you on a dating site has not yet shown himself to be an inveterate villain, he is only trying to get to know you better.

He did nothing wrong and is not responsible for dishonorable representatives of the stronger sex! Negative experience should teach you to recognize lies, but not be an obstacle to harmonious relationships., to personal happiness. You should abandon hasty conclusions and more often give a man the opportunity to prove himself without putting a stigma on him in advance. You can’t let past negative experiences and stereotypes make you a victim.

  1. Lack of sense of humour. Many men are characterize  by sarcasm and black humour. It is part of their “being”, part of their personality. It’s no secret that women often don’t understand male humour, react to jokes quickly and go on the defensive. A man who is looking for a life partner wants to be understood, to be laughed with, he wants to enjoy life with his.
  2. A man receives letters full of sadness and complaints about the lack of money, about men, about the country, etc. As has been repeat note on the pages of our blog, acquaintance should bring positive emotions. Complaints give rise to a feeling of pity, and not interest in continuing the acquaintance.
  3. Failure to keep up an interesting conversation. This item needs no comment.

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Lack of trust. Long distance relationships , dating for the purpose of a serious relationship should be built on mutual trust. It is very easy to lose the trust of a new foreign partner by providing untrue information in a profile on an international dating site. This applies to age, name, country of residence, the presence of children and other points of the biography that can be “embellished”. Perhaps the

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