Cheating in 4 Steps: Learning How to Keep Your Affair a Secret

Cheating in 4 Steps When someone first decides to have an affair, they must learn to be become much more discrete if they want to keep it a secret. Loose lips sink ships, and the clumsy must become agile. With little room for error, how do so many people become experts at keeping their affair a secret? To answer that we have broken down some creative tips for you to consider.

Step 1: Practice Makes Perfect

Being discrete is a skill, and just like any other skill you need to practice a little bit before you become an expert. So, how do you practice being in an affair? To start, find a secret, something that you will need to hide, but still innocuous enough that it won’t cause a fight.

We recommend getting away from your spouse and taking dates with other people outside of your circle. Nothing sexual, just grabbing coffee or lunch, so if caught you can play it off and say that they are a long-time friend from out of town or a work colleague. If you are caught on one of these ‘dates’ it should raise an eyebrow, but if you can hide a public coffee date or a nice brunch with someone of the opposite sex you’ll be on the right track to effectively hiding an affair.

One key aspect of keeping your dates a secret is erasing your removing lipstick; delete your texts, never meet the same date partner twice, and be transparent about your situation. Your practice dates should be easy but if you are not smart about it could lead to distrust even before you start cheating. After six months of going on these non-sexual dates you should become be something of an expert at scheduling date and seeking arrangements, but likely you have yet to be sexually satisfied. With your black belt in being sneaky you are finally ready for the real thing.

Cheating in 4 Steps: Learning How to Keep Your Affair a SecretStep 2: The ‘Feeler’ Affair – Cheating in 4 Steps

Pace yourself, you will appreciate this advice later. It may be hard to hold back but you will need to get one affair behind you before you start sleeping with three or more partners. Log onto our site and find someone that is in your same situation and but has done this before. Make sure you do not try to use a regular dating application.

As this could be the easiest way to be found by one of your spouse’s friends or one of yours. Again, keeping your digital lipstick to a bare minimum is key. Tubit Once you have found your experienced first partner there is no better way to learn about having an affair than from someone who has been around the block a few times. Follow their lead and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can also feed off that mentor and mentee dynamic in the bedroom.

Step 3: Affair Adventure

Now that you have had your first real affair it’s time to experiment. If you’re enjoying yourself and would like to continue your affair journey discreetly, start meeting new partners. Just because you’ve graduated from your vibrator secret and your starter affair does not make you invincible. Be careful when texting an affair partner, separate your affair finances from your family finances, and keep track of your stories. Do not leave clues around, like receipts, love notes or hotel matches. While affairs can be fun never forget they require effort and attention. Affairs are sort of like hosting a party, if you plan it right you should have nothing to worry about and have the time of your life, and when things happen you will be prepared to handle it.

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Step 4: Infidelity Guru – Cheating in 4 Steps

At this point being discrete has become second nature to you, so why change that? Build upon your success, experiment, do something in the bedroom with your affair partner. That you never imagined you would be doing. As long as you’re having fun, you can always keep improving and honing the craft of being stealth. Just remember to continue to hide your trail and don’t get sloppy with your secrets. Congratulations, you have the affair life you’ve always dreamed of having. So, keep exploring to your heart’s desire, you’ve earned it.

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