How to Seduce a Guy? Top 7 Tips

The days when women How to Seduce a Guy didn’t have to ask how to pick up or seduce a guy are long gone. This doesn’t mean they know how to do it right.

But let’s start with what I mean by “seduce a guy.” Now, I don’t mean to go to bed with him, because it’s the easiest thing in the world. Women choose one male out of all options. Men can appeal to many women at once, and many of them will choose to have sex if the risk is low enough. The situation is completely different if you want to seduce a man in the sense of “impress and be in a relationship with SharekAlomre him.” This is definitely a tougher situation, but start with these seven principles to get you started.

1. Flirting is also your thing

Traditionally, it was the man who courted the woman. He approached her with a James Bond smile, suggested a meeting, and then another. Today the roles have evened out a bit, but men are expected to be roughly the same. This does not mean that women can only wait and smell good. It is worth accepting that if you want to pick up a guy you like, the responsibility for it also rests with you – my dear, equal women.

True that I do not urge you to go up to guys and offer the services of a sex duo consisting of you and your sister. It is enough if you do not make the task difficult for men.

For men, proposing a date is a serious matter. 95% of guys are afraid of it, and this fear is built into the human psyche by biology.  For example, do you know what the chances are that a guy will approach you if you don’t smile, stay in the club lounge all the time, or stay with your friends all the time? Zero.

A similar thing is about keeping relationships. The longer it takes, the more you should be involved in it. At the beginning, you can expect the guy to start an acquaintance with you and propose a date. However, if he has to do it after a few weeks of acquaintance, he will eventually stop wanting. And it will not mean that he was not interested enough, but that he still has some respect for himself.

How to Seduce a Guy? Top 7 Tips

2. The guy won’t know! – How to Seduce a Guy

If you assume we always know what you mean, you’d better grab a shovel and bury yourself in the woods. Most men don’t know what your flowing looks and sexy body curves mean. It sounds like a mockery, but it is. When you wear high heels and a skirt for a date, some of them will think you had an important meeting at work.

Most guys are socially handicapped like they’re raised by wolves and fed on tree bark, but that’s because we like directness. We’re not all like that, but just in case, assume it applies to EVERYONE. After all, each of us has in our dating CVs such girls that only years later know that they liked. Just because a guy isn’t paying attention to you doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not interested. It might as well mean that he is not seeing your “signals.”

3. How to pick up a guy? Start by being honest with yourself

Don’t kid yourself that you gave him a number to read the soccer chronicle. Accept that it’s natural that you like men. On the other hand, be aware that when something goes wrong there is no point in continuing it.

Leave Gierki for a meeting with seniors in an old people’s home. Avoid such behavior as: “I won’t do it because he will think something then” or “I’ll pretend to be a mean bitch, make him try harder.” If you want to seduce a guy, you can’t act like you don’t want to. Even this sentence doesn’t sound logical, so how can it work?

As long as you care, reply to text messages, answer the phone and do not create problems with nothing. Otherwise, every guy will decide that you are a chick who would rather manipulate others than enjoy life, and no one dreams of meeting the manipulative.

4. Pay attention to your emotions, not your rules – How to Seduce a Guy

My mother, grandmother and aunt must surely mean well, but their principles have hurt you more than they helped you.

If you look at them and think they are unhappy and emotionless like mummies, then think it’s because of these genius principles.
– I do not write / call first.
Do not admit my mistakes.
– I don’t go to bed on the first date.
– I’m not paying for myself.

If these are your rules of thumb, add to them:

– Every day I’m a lonely idiot and nobody wants me.

What you want is more important than artificial rules. If you want something, stop pretending otherwise.

5. Stop being afraid that you will turn out easy – How to Seduce a Guy

“I won’t call you, whatever he thinks”, “We kissed too fast!”, “A girl shouldn’t be doing this.”

This is the source of most of your problems. You care so much about your opinion that you reject out of fear all activities that are healthy, arouse emotions and show your feminine side. Everyone is afraid to reveal their own feelings, because that’s when you start to judge them. Unfortunately, when you don’t show them you don’t really live. Be brave.

Of course, there are guys who will blush if you tell them about the number of their lovers, but firstly, they’re a definite minority, and secondly, they’re not guys whose opinion you should care about.

6. If you want to seduce a guy, don’t put pressure on him

Relationships grow at their own pace. They need to mature, and men usually take longer than you do. This is because, for women, the sex partner and the relationship partner are most often the same person. When you go on a date, you usually have already pre-approved this guy as your partner. Men often don’t do this until they are used to you for a long time. Instead of trying to speed it up, let the relationship develop spontaneously .

7. Remember that attractiveness is not everything

Realize that we would not be with you if you were not attractive to us , so take a deep breath, smile and feel good about yourself. If you want to be sure that he will like you, put on high heels, matching clothes and smile a lot. If anything is remembered in newly met women, it is a smile.

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Many women think that if they show their legs and breasts and sit with their mouths open sexy on a date, they will be able to seduce a guy. It’s not true. This way, they will get one-time sex at best.

Of course, it’s worth trying to look good, take care of yourself and play sports , but this is not the most important thing. If you want to seduce a guy, you have to understand that when you’re with someone, the second impression counts much more than the first . Nobody will be with a boring girl who only talks about taking her dog for a walk. It is not even known if he will hang out with her on a date.

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