How To Talk To Women Seduce Them With Words

How To Talk To Women For some men, talking to women is a real challenge! However, with simple words, it is possible to seduce a woman. Find out what to do!

Set the Right Tone

With women, you always have to set the right tone and that’s something you’ll have to see for yourself. However, know that adopting the right tone with a woman consists of working on the intonation of your voice so that it is soothing and reassuring. So whether you talk to each other on the phone or see each other often, you need to strike the right tone. In this way, even while reading your various SharekAlomre messages, she will remember your soothing and benevolent voice. It is also necessary that you learn to smile with your voice since it is always pleasant to chat with a cheerful man, whatever the circumstances.

How To Talk To Women Seduce Them With Words

Choose the right words

If you want to seduce a woman with words, you will have to learn how to choose the right words. Concretely, while being as you are, you will have to avoid saying profanities and saying negative words. So not only will you have to be polite, but you will also have to find alternatives to negative words and phrases. This involves saying no as infrequently as possible and instead of that word you should use “yes, but…” Also, to impress women, learn useful and fancy new words every day that you could subtly slip into. your conversations. Don’t worry, the art of choosing your words can be learned.

Learn to be tactful – How To Talk To Women

Women appreciate tactful men, it’s a fact! Concretely, it is about those men who know how to say the right things even during the worst of circumstances, without shocking or hurting; learn to become that man! The first thing you will have to do, then, is to learn to say things as they are, without falling into a crude way of doing it. It will therefore be very important for you to learn to speak with clear and sharp images, because you will have to make a few detours so as not to shock and hurt. Having tact also involves knowing how to balance telling things as they really are and speaking with images… Yes, it’s true, it’s complicated and complex, but it’s useful for seducing a woman…

Softness will take you far – How To Talk To Women

It is possible to strike a strict tone while remaining soft and English gentlemen have been doing it for centuries now. Moreover, Olivier Lafay said that sweetness leads to everything and this also applies to seduction. Therefore, in addition to adopting the right tone, avoiding various rudeness and being tactful, you will also have to imbue your voice with softness. SharekAlomre.Com Practice being gentle, even in anger and sadness to seduce a woman. Contrary to popular belief, being gentle with a man in no way takes away his share of virility. On the contrary, it only proves that he is a real man, strong and strict and yet, very gentle and very approachable.

Work on your presence and your charisma – How To Talk To Women

A man who marks is a very present man and a present man is necessarily charismatic; so try to develop that side of you. It’s rather simple to do, because you just have to adopt the right time for each circumstance and leave your mark at each meeting; get noticed and make sure he misses you when you’re not around. As for charisma, it is above all on your whole being that you will have to work so that you succeed in making your presence felt when you are around this beauty that you are trying to seduce.


Read between the lines…

The language of women is quite complex, because if some know how to speak in a very direct way, others often beat around the bush. In any case, you will have to learn to read between the lines when trying to seduce a woman. The goal is to decode what she really means and make her understand that you have understood correctly. For example, if she tells you she wants to go home, have the decency to ask her if she’s okay or if she wants some company. Another example, if a woman asks you if the dress she is wearing looks good on her, she either wants to be flattered or she wants to test your attention and gauge your taste. Either way, learn to read between the lines…

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